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Made to Plush

Made to Plush

Made to Blush Meaning:   Admiration, Joy, Appreciation, gratitude

Our PINK Collections of premium long stem roses are hand designed specially to impress, wrapped to give and preserve the natural feel and look. Ready for drop in your favorite vase or container. Roses arrived in our distinctive box with our special seal of freshness and quality! 

  • Made to Blush

    Made to Blush

    Meaning:   Admiration, Joy, Appreciation or gratitude

    Conveying thoughtfulness, passion, sentiment, and packing contemporary color punch, pink roses are the perfect type of rose for multipurpose occasions. Whether you’re sending thanks, cheering up a friend, starting a new relationship, or showing a symbol of affection or admiration, a bouquet of pink roses can express just the right emotion, without saying a word. No wonder pink roses are one of the most popular flowers sent on Valentine’s Day! Yet, did you know every shade of a pink rose has different meanings? In honor of Valentine’s Day and this blushing beauty, we’re bringing back the pink rose to explore its rich history and color meanings so you ultimately give just the right pink rose shade.

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